Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Trying to keep up

Well today is another day. I am so excited to finally have gotten my first day's lessons done, I went home and just crashed. No- not really crashed, but sat on my comfy couch and knit the night away. 

My dear Petrificus sent an owl last night. He had caught a bug, more like three if you ask me. As a first year at Hogwarts as well, he has been making the most of his living at the school. I try to keep out of his business. But, the professors are quick to tell me during my lessons what he is up to. Needless to say, not much of anything too terrible, but not as honorable as I think. Maybe that is the difference between us, he being a Slytherin and I being a Gryffindor.  Since he is in the infirmary, I am sure Madame Pompfray will be taking good care of him. 

I was having lunch in the Great Hall today. It was loverly to sit and talk to the other students. We were having a discussion on wands and what drew us to our specific one. I thought I would post a picture of mine. I quite love it. Light to handle, good swish, yet focused in strength.

Wood type: rosewood
Length: 11½ inches
Core: Phoenix Feather

get your own wand!

I am really excited to get started on my partner's bag. I have designed my own pattern and cannot wait to finish it for her to see. She seems like she is into the originality of the knitting work. I do hope she likes it. 

But, I best get back to my lessons. I find it very easy to get behind. Are there any others that are having a bit of difficulty keeping up with all the activities going on? So much to do, so little time.

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