Monday, January 14, 2008

Off to a running start

I received my swap partner this prior week. I was so thrilled when the owl arrived. I wasn't sure if it would catch me while I was at Hogwarts or when I made it home. From what I heard later on, another Gryffindor, I think it was Queen Frysia the Fierce, the owl did arrive at school but she told it that I had already left for home. As soon as I arrived home, to a large mess none the less, the owl was there waiting for me. 

My two youngest children was having a grand time entertaining it. They were suppose to be eating their dinner but instead was throwing pieces to it. If one thought that owls were a bit selective in their palette, then I would like to introduce them to this one. I had a new dish that the ladies from the knitting circle that I also belong to suggested, an Indian dish, a Chicken Makhanti. I loved it, and so did the owl. 

But back to my swap partner. I am so excited that I get to choose for her. I have already designed a bag and purchased part of the yarn to start it. I tried to located the second color by means of a muggle and completely failed. Since my discovery of my magic was a bit on the slow side, I forget sometimes the avenues that are available to me. I will now try a spell to help me create the perfect yarn. I do so love the colours for my partner. She is a Ravenclaw. She is obviously very hip because she likes the newest styles for her house colours. 

I hear that there is a movement with up and coming wizards to change the house colours from the older bronze to the newer silver. I am just glad that I don't have to decide like that. I love the colour blue but like how it looks with both bronze and silver. Since red is my favorite, I am quite happy to be in Gryffindor. No colour changes. How would one decide if they had to choose? 

Well, I have to go and look at what classes I should be considering for this next term. I don't think I am going to take more than two or three. My loverly husband has just been told that we are to relocate. No worries. That just means a new adventure. But it is a bit of a hassle allowing all these others in to look at our mess. I am so glad for floo powder. No matter where we are, I can still make it to class without having to explain to the neighbors. 

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