Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just doing my part....

"Whew!! That was a bit too close for me to be comfortable. Good thinking with the foot steps charm. We walked right by her office." 

Arriving in the hallway by the Great Hall, we count the picture frames to locate the right one.

"Okay- remember tickle the pears. Not the peaches."
"Yes, yes, I've got it. Ooh- we're in." Creeping softly down the stairs, the kitchen is deserted.

"Now what do we have cooking?" Bent over to smell the pot, the burner gets turned up. So now instead of a nice simmering porridge, it becomes a boiling pot of porridge. 

"Did you bring the extra socks?" 

"Yes, I grabbed the last five I found in the basket of unclaimed ones." 

"Great! What about the sweaters we found at the Goodwill in Hogsmead last week? Did you remember them as well? They are what we are going to give the newest house elf Romy. Then she will be so distracted she won't notice the ferrets that I will let loose. I brought them in my knitting bag. Once they are out, look out for all the mice and biscuits that are to be found. House elves don't like ferrets. And worse they HATE mice." 

The knitting bag is placed on the floor and the setting of the bag down has awaken the the ferrets and their curiosity. Quickly darting out of the bag, they are loose and on the run..... 


Cassandra Puddlemere said...

ha ha ha this is great!!

Cassandra Puddlemere said...

edit you story at the end and include..
(Back at the bedchamber...) and make it a link to Lily Durmstrangs page!