Friday, April 25, 2008

The Owl has arrived

After much ado and wait, I am proud to announce it is here. My sock kit from my spoiler.

I received today a very tired owl. The poor thing didn't realize that he couldn't come in through the windows as they don't open this high up. He was very tired as he had tried several windows before finding ours. Then I had to take the elevator down to meet him outside so he could drop it. I fed him well and let him stay the night before sending him home the next day.

As soon as we were inside though I ripped into the long awaited box. In it was four skeins of Dalegarn Baby Ull. Two in a vivid red and two in a golden yellow. The most awesomest pattern one could ever hope to accomplish: Chuck's Cabled Socks. This was written by the new editor of Interweave Knits. (It's a muggle knitting magazine that has a wide range of knitting patterns. I seriously covet a subscription but haven't talked myself into yet.) They are so incredible.
Some wonderful bamboo Brittany needles to work that awesomest pattern. Some chocolate and not one, but two, sets of beautiful stick markers. There was even a stitch holder tube so I don't loose any of those precious stitches while working on it. That was incredibly thoughtful. She also included some wool wash which, while living in a hotel I totally forgot to keep out my wool wash and did not want to invest in another bottle for just a short time. This was perfect.

All I can say is THANKS!! I am very lucky to have you as a spoiler, Victoria Black. THANKS!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wanted: Missing Owl

Looking back at what fun this was and cruising right along ahead of the game and deadlines, I knew things were going too well. As I am boxing up my package to send to one very expectant spoilee, my loverly two wee-est ones are fighting over the gift needles. Yes- you can only imagine what they have done- snapped the entire package in two. AAAAHHHH!

Mad scramble to get on the internet to see if the wonderful Harmonies are still in stock with the muggle store. Spello-tape just won't cut it. I tried the repairio charm but the splinters were too numerous and too small to find to do a complete repair. Luckily, they had plenty and a new set was on the way. But that put them arriving while we were gone a hunting for a new home. 

We arrived back from our successful trip to find the package waiting for me. I passed the needles from one box to the next, tape it all shut, and put it in our muggle transportation. For the next three days, I cannot for the life of me make it to an owlery while someone is there to assist me. On the 3rd of April, I manage to catch someone. I paid for the service to utilize one of their owls as the package was a bit bulky. I received the receipt telling me that it would arrive on the following Monday. And yet, here it is Wednesday evening and still no owl to my awaiting spoilee. Oh, I am frightfully worried that the owl has manage to shake off the GPS unit that we placed on her. 

Dear Spoilee, please know that I have sent your package. It is on its way. If you can jinx the numbers to show you here they are: 7007149000025185094. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together.