Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Kit has Arrived

The kit arrived approximately a week ago. I first want to apologize to Sian about not getting it up here sooner. The Crookshanks family has moved again. Only this time, by our choice, not the Ministry's. We will NOT be moving again.

Just look at this view.

So here is the kit stuff and boy, was I one LUCKY DUCKY!!!

Here is what it looked like when I opened the box. WOW! It was packed full of beautifully wrapped goodies. I absolutely adored the stamping done on the tags. Great Job!
Here is a picture of all the goodies once they were out of the box. 

This is a knitted scarf. I was so impressed that she managed to knit up not one, but two items in the time alloted, with the scarf being of substantial size, she did confess to doing it on a machine. It matters not! It is really a GREAT JOB! I love it, my son loves it, the girls love it, even Mr. Crookshanks was impressed. Son wants to wear it to HBP premiere when we go. Definitely a sign of great workmanship!
This is the project bag that Sian made. What a wonderful shape. So huge. I love it all. 

She also included a new set of double pointed needles, two new sock patterns, some wonderful kettle dyed sock yarn from Knitpicks, a chocolate bar for me, and a bag of chocolate mini-bars for bribing the kids to do housework. She also made a journal for keeping track of all the new ideas I have in my knitting journeys. 

Thank you again, Sian, for the wonderful kit.