Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Here I go again....

I return refreshed from my semester away. I managed to splitch myself and part of me was here but not really. I knew I should have paid better attention when the Ministry of Magic Department Minister was here giving lessons on apperating. I totally messed up! That's what happens when your mind is elsewhere. And that it was.

I had several Professors and a handful of Department personnel trying to put me back together. I think I am finally feeling back to normal. We shall see as the semester progresses. Nothing like a bit of stress to test the integrity of a structure. 

This year brings my sister-in-law to Hogwarts with me. I am not for sure if Mr. Crookshanks put his sister up to coming to keep an eye on me or if she really did want to come on her own. I do hope that Ginny comes to love this place as much as I. With Petrificus switching to Durmstrag, I am a bit down hearted but I understand that a second year with his mother in the same hallways was a bit daunting for a young wizard. Especially when she and her cohorts are causing more trouble than the others. (Not my fault we know how to have a good time.) Really, I thought he should have been in Ravenclaw myself. Much to smart for his own good. 

Off to make sure that the new DADA professor knows me.