Thursday, February 28, 2008

Game on

Let me begin with ROAR ROAR GRYFFINDORS!!!! Congradulations to Lily Durmstag for the wonderful snotch hunting. Great job fellow Lionesses! Two down- One left. Let's keep the perfect record!!!

Well, yesterday, I finished and blocked my bag for the swap kit. I am so excited. I have put a lot of thought into how I wanted a bag for myself so I made one I would want to carry. I do hope my spoilee will like. Now all that is left is for me to sew up what I wanted to do and possibly add some pockets to the inside.

Therein lies the dilema. Do I add pockets? I can play this both ways. Pockets are nice for adding the ability to seperate small from large things. To have a place for everything. Yet they are also very limiting. Big pockets are no good. Why add a divider to the large space to make smaller spaces? Just carry a smaller bag. (Is it obvious yet that I have a bag fettish?) But no pockets and everything just falls to the bottom. Sometimes the abyss sucks the little things so quickly that months can go by without locating them again.

But on that happy note, really just another topic, I have found a new favorite club. The yarn of the month club from a muggle community called WEBS. Oh- they do have such loverly things at a wonderful cost. I am now totally infacuated with them.

I best be off, as I told my housemates, my wonderful Mr. Crookshanks has been promoted and that means a flurry of details to be attended too. I cannot wait for spring holiday to be able to take a breather and have a small holiday of my own. I do believe a relocation is coming up and I will have to make sure all the red tape at the Ministry is dealt with to get the new home hooked up to the floo network before we vacate.

Happy Knitting.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Qudditch Round 2

1. With whom does Ginny go to the Yule Ball?
a. Neville

2. When Harry arrives at the Burrow and Mrs. Weasley makes them all dinner the night before they leave for the Quidditch World Cup, what does her wand turn into?
a. rubber mouse

3. Since some of the sixth-year girls didn't have any quills on them, what did they think Krum might sign their hats in?
c. lipstick

4. How old does the Quick Quotes Quill say that Rita Skeeter is?
a. 43

5. What color cloak is wormtail wearing in the Riddle house?
b. Black

6. What color is "Mad Eye" Moody's magical eye?
d. Blue

7. What color are the robes that Rita Skeeter was wearing when Harry meets her at the Weighing of the Wands ceremony?
b. Magenta

8. What does Sirius Black tell Harry, Ron and Hermione to call him when speaking around anyone else?
b. Snuffles

9. Which team beat Wales, disqualifying them from competing for the Quidditch World Cup?
c. Uganda

10. What does Madame Maxime say is the only thing her steeds will drink?
c. single-malt whiskey

Picture Hunt
Goblet of Fire

Madam Maxime

Dragon from first challenge

Viktor Krum

Madam Pomfrey

Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh what a busy week

Where do I begin? So much has been happening with the Crookshanks that several classmates have started to worry. I dash in for class and as soon as it is over, I dash back out. So let me see if I can catch everyone up.

Last Saturday, with the rest of my classmates, I headed to Hogsmeade. But while there, as usual, I became so distracted with three of the shops, I forgot about anything else. What shops you might ask? I'll tell you. The first was a fabulous little niche called Toenails and Toadstools. At first, I was very reluctant to go in because everyone coming out looked to have a trance placed on them. But the giggles that I heard inside were too contagious to just ignore. So I bravely stepped in only to find myself WHISKED away. I was scrubbed, dubbed, and wrapped in mud. It was DIVINE!! (Especially with all the late evenings I have been spending at Hogwarts either in detention or trying desperately to avoid being put in detention with 'who shall remain nameless' trying to recover lost items.) I now completely understand where the "Toadstools" part comes in. Everyone is always sitting on them. But- I am much obliged that they were willing to be so wonderful to me. 

The second shop was just as good as the first. It was called Under the Moon. What a loverly shop that was. Not realizing how much time had past since I had entered, I now wonder if there was some type of time delay once you entered the door. How could two hours have past so quickly? Everything in it was so enchanting that you felt you had to have one each. The textures were so incredibly soft that it must have been knit with magic. Plus, they guarantee that you will never see any lines. How could I resist not having one in each color for every day of the week? I couldn't forget Mr. Crookshanks either. (Though I must say, he has now given his stamp of approval.)

The third shop was this most delicious restaurant I have had the privilege to eat in. The food melted in your mouth. The libations were smooth and perfectly balanced. The dessert was something that only magic could have created with the just right blending of sweet and light. With the wench who made sure all of my requests were handled immediately, who would want to ever leave a place like that? I don't ever want to cook again. 

After arriving home to find that the rest of the Crookshank household have become infected with a nasty bug, I set about cementing my visit into my memory and decided that even a little bit of fantasy wouldn't hurt while I returned to my daily grind. 

Sunday was spent stripping all the wonderful hiding places of those nasty creatures and giving them the heeve ho. I think I have chased them all outside into the garden, but only time will tell the full story. The ones that had already set up permanent residency were a bit harder to persuade to leave. So that meant, early to bed, for early to rise. To beat them at their own game, one must not wear themselves down in the process. I needed my rest to get on top of them. 

Monday, reality sets in. I didn't realize how bad our infestation was until Monday morning. Why are Monday mornings so incredibly harsh? It was a good thing Madame Pompfry was our neighbor when we were first married. I was able to call her up and get advice how to beat the buggars at their own game. 

Tuesday through Thursday was spent rushing between classes and Madame Pompfry's to get all three children up to date with dealing with the nasty bugs. 

Friday, finally I think we have beat it. The two littlests ones are able to go back to their Muggle school and I am capable of sitting down and breathing. Can it be Friday already? I look back and think it is just the beginning of the week. What has happened? Where did it go? Well- let me see.....

Oh- the joys of being a commuter student.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Homework Assignment #2

:waves raised hand very quickly:
"Ms. Puddlemere, Ms. Puddlemere, here is my homework. I really enjoyed it." 

My answers are as follows: 
Across:                            Down:
1. Shell Cottage                          2. Expelliarmus
5. Herbology                3. Transfiguration
6. Snape                     4. Polyjuice Potion
8. Warbeck                  7. Patronus
10. Thestral                 9. Whizz Hard
11. Azkaban                12. Voldermort
13. Phoenix
14. Bludger
15. Hogsmeade
16. Griffin

Ooo- I canna wait for the prize. I do so hope it is me.....

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Recovering from Quidditch

WOW!!! What can I say? I am so glad to have a fabulous housemate like Cassandra Grubbly-Plank. She found the snitch. And SHE ROCKS!!!

That was an exciting time. I don't think I screamed any louder at any other given time in my life. Well- then again, I do have three wee ones- I might have and don't remember it. So let me re-phrase it. I don't think I have ever screamed louder and remembered it before in my life. Cheering on my housemates was very tiring. 

I think it might take me awhile to get focused back on school work. I am quite ready to buckle down and not have any more detentions. Not that I didn't mind hearing Prof. Black singing. He tends to loose his accent whist crooning, I would much rather hear him lecture. If I see another flubberworm outside of a boiling pot before the end of this term, it will have been too soon. 

Now I must get back to the books. In all the excitement leading up to this past week, my lessons in Charms has seriously lagged behind. 

Have a great week.