Thursday, February 28, 2008

Game on

Let me begin with ROAR ROAR GRYFFINDORS!!!! Congradulations to Lily Durmstag for the wonderful snotch hunting. Great job fellow Lionesses! Two down- One left. Let's keep the perfect record!!!

Well, yesterday, I finished and blocked my bag for the swap kit. I am so excited. I have put a lot of thought into how I wanted a bag for myself so I made one I would want to carry. I do hope my spoilee will like. Now all that is left is for me to sew up what I wanted to do and possibly add some pockets to the inside.

Therein lies the dilema. Do I add pockets? I can play this both ways. Pockets are nice for adding the ability to seperate small from large things. To have a place for everything. Yet they are also very limiting. Big pockets are no good. Why add a divider to the large space to make smaller spaces? Just carry a smaller bag. (Is it obvious yet that I have a bag fettish?) But no pockets and everything just falls to the bottom. Sometimes the abyss sucks the little things so quickly that months can go by without locating them again.

But on that happy note, really just another topic, I have found a new favorite club. The yarn of the month club from a muggle community called WEBS. Oh- they do have such loverly things at a wonderful cost. I am now totally infacuated with them.

I best be off, as I told my housemates, my wonderful Mr. Crookshanks has been promoted and that means a flurry of details to be attended too. I cannot wait for spring holiday to be able to take a breather and have a small holiday of my own. I do believe a relocation is coming up and I will have to make sure all the red tape at the Ministry is dealt with to get the new home hooked up to the floo network before we vacate.

Happy Knitting.

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Lily Durmstrang said...

Thanks for the congrats. I can't wait to see your bag that you designed! I designed one too and I just pray that my spoilee likes it. Good luck finishing up your kit!