Friday, March 7, 2008

Letting go

Well, I don't think I will be posting anything about using the letter "O" to start with. The selection is so limited that I just don't even want to try. With that said, I would love to tell everyone how excited I am about my swap spoilee's package. 

I have finished the bag. I am so excited. It came out EXACTLY like I had envisioned it and now I DON'T want to give it up. I love it so much I think "How can I give it away?" or worse "What if she DOESN'T like it?" AAAHHHH!

She is a bit younger than I and in a completely different walk of life at the moment. So what I think is totally functional might be something hideous to her. It is almost like letting go of your first child to the school bus driver. Maybe I should enclose a note asking her if she doesn't like it, would she send it home? 

I have boxed all the goodies up along with some fantastic yarns, needles, patterns and of course, THE BAG (yes- it deserves it own title.) And as I was planning the day today to finally take it up to the owlery for releasing, quite a storm has blown in. The Ministry has grounded all the owls for the rest of the day and evening for their own safety. So, I guess that means I continue to covet the bag while it is in the box and pray she likes it as much as me. Oh- it is dreadful letting go. 


Victoria Black said...
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Victoria Black said...

Hokay, so...
How about a (generalized, of course) description of your ideal bag? Are you a small, sock-in-progress only sort of girl, or more of a sock-and-pattern-and-scissors-and-backup-project
-and-sunglasses, large sized bag sort of girl?

(also... colorwork, self-striping, or screw-the-color-give-me-texture ?)