Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Last House Quiz

The Last quiz is really a doosey. So here is my attempt at it. 

1.  Grimmauld Place

2.   Luna Lovegood

3.  Delores Umbridge

4.  Occlumency

5.  Grawp

6.  Thestrals

7.  Extendable Ears

8.  Scrimgeour

9.  Prophecy

10.  Saint Mungo's

11. Centaur

12.  Skiving Snackbox

13.  Room of Requirement


14.  Dumbledore's Army

15.  Department of Mysteries

Whew! This was rough! I hope I win. Great Job, oh-wonderful-Fabulous-Prefect, Cassandra Puddlemere!!

1 comment:

Cassandra Puddlemere said...

You are most welcome! Thank you for being such a fantastic housemate! You've been such a great help to me this year!