Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh what a busy week

Where do I begin? So much has been happening with the Crookshanks that several classmates have started to worry. I dash in for class and as soon as it is over, I dash back out. So let me see if I can catch everyone up.

Last Saturday, with the rest of my classmates, I headed to Hogsmeade. But while there, as usual, I became so distracted with three of the shops, I forgot about anything else. What shops you might ask? I'll tell you. The first was a fabulous little niche called Toenails and Toadstools. At first, I was very reluctant to go in because everyone coming out looked to have a trance placed on them. But the giggles that I heard inside were too contagious to just ignore. So I bravely stepped in only to find myself WHISKED away. I was scrubbed, dubbed, and wrapped in mud. It was DIVINE!! (Especially with all the late evenings I have been spending at Hogwarts either in detention or trying desperately to avoid being put in detention with 'who shall remain nameless' trying to recover lost items.) I now completely understand where the "Toadstools" part comes in. Everyone is always sitting on them. But- I am much obliged that they were willing to be so wonderful to me. 

The second shop was just as good as the first. It was called Under the Moon. What a loverly shop that was. Not realizing how much time had past since I had entered, I now wonder if there was some type of time delay once you entered the door. How could two hours have past so quickly? Everything in it was so enchanting that you felt you had to have one each. The textures were so incredibly soft that it must have been knit with magic. Plus, they guarantee that you will never see any lines. How could I resist not having one in each color for every day of the week? I couldn't forget Mr. Crookshanks either. (Though I must say, he has now given his stamp of approval.)

The third shop was this most delicious restaurant I have had the privilege to eat in. The food melted in your mouth. The libations were smooth and perfectly balanced. The dessert was something that only magic could have created with the just right blending of sweet and light. With the wench who made sure all of my requests were handled immediately, who would want to ever leave a place like that? I don't ever want to cook again. 

After arriving home to find that the rest of the Crookshank household have become infected with a nasty bug, I set about cementing my visit into my memory and decided that even a little bit of fantasy wouldn't hurt while I returned to my daily grind. 

Sunday was spent stripping all the wonderful hiding places of those nasty creatures and giving them the heeve ho. I think I have chased them all outside into the garden, but only time will tell the full story. The ones that had already set up permanent residency were a bit harder to persuade to leave. So that meant, early to bed, for early to rise. To beat them at their own game, one must not wear themselves down in the process. I needed my rest to get on top of them. 

Monday, reality sets in. I didn't realize how bad our infestation was until Monday morning. Why are Monday mornings so incredibly harsh? It was a good thing Madame Pompfry was our neighbor when we were first married. I was able to call her up and get advice how to beat the buggars at their own game. 

Tuesday through Thursday was spent rushing between classes and Madame Pompfry's to get all three children up to date with dealing with the nasty bugs. 

Friday, finally I think we have beat it. The two littlests ones are able to go back to their Muggle school and I am capable of sitting down and breathing. Can it be Friday already? I look back and think it is just the beginning of the week. What has happened? Where did it go? Well- let me see.....

Oh- the joys of being a commuter student.

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