Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Oh-what technology and magic combined can do.

Well- I do apologize for getting off to a rocky start. I have now replaced ALL of our quick quills and parchment with new, so theoretically there should be no more issues. One of my children decided to try their hand at a charm and completely hexed them all together. Whenever I would dictate a letter, it would write what the children wanted it to say. Even the Department of Magical Undo couldn't seem to reverse the charm and advised us to invest in new ones. Personally, I do believe the children were trying to get permission to visit Hogsmead without parental approval. 

I hope we can begin again, for it seems that the first blog, as I am just learning about these things, was established for me. My oldest was trying to be helpful and had the aforementioned quick quill type while I was finishing dinner only to have it type for him. 

Tricky buggars, they are. Sometimes I cannot tell if I am going in circles or if they are spinning the room. Growing up as a muggle, it wasn't until I was married that we realized I had magical powers. Luckily, my loverly husband, Walden, is a pureblood and recognized it right away. Our family doesn't associate much with my side of the relations, due to their denial of anything of the sort. So I understood how Harry felt, except the people like the Dursley's really were my parents. 

No worries now. All three of my wee ones show signs of being blessed.  The oldest is in his first year of Hogwarts. We weren't quite for sure if he would have been accepted, so we enrolled him in my alma mater muggle school. Once he was able to fulfill his commitment there, he has transferred to Hogwarts and seems to be enjoying it. Since I did not have the opportunity to attend whilst growing up, I have been allowed to participate with limited capabilities. It also gives me an opportunity to check in on Petrificus without appearing nosey. Luckily, he is in Slytherin and refuses to acknowledge me when he sees me bustling through the hallways. I am quite happy to have been chosen for Gryffindor. 

He is so introverted that it becomes very hard for him to make new friends. I am sure he will be finding that to end soon enough. Everyone I have met so far has been loverly.  As not coming into my own for so long, I am looking forward to sitting in on the lectures of some of the classes. I regret that I will not have a four poster along with everyone else in the dorms, but there are the responsibilities I have with two other small children, a home, and dear husband to keep track of. 

Though I have been taught that I could use my magic to speed along my projects, something about focusing your attention to move the needles back and forth, in a rhythm, becomes so relaxing, I have not given up my muggle ways. I love the feel of the needles in my hands and the tension leaving my shoulders. No charms yet have proven as an effective relaxation technique as knitting. So I will beg your pardon if you see me in a corner between classes or in the library studying with a pair of needles in my hand. Please feel free to stop and visit. I will show your mine if you show me yours. 

Much regards,


DabookLady said...

Queen Frysia the Fierce here and I do so like your place. So how is your project coming along? I just got my partner and need to get mine rolling...

Emma Wigworthy said...

Good to hear from you again - I wondered if you'd been attcked by nargles or something!