Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Providing a little help to my friends

"Good Gracious. You want me to do WHAT?" 

"Well, *a little sheepishly* you did think up that wonderful distraction of the ferrets. Surely, you can think of something else. We need just a couple of minutes to say the incantation to get the bracelet out of the room. You just distract him for a moment." 

"Please, O?!? I wouldn't ask this of you unless you were the only one we could think of. That bracelet means so much to me. We would NOT go IN the room, just outside the door." 

"Well, *very hesitantly*, what's the worse that could happen? A little more detention? *BIG GRIN* I really do like his accent. Okay, let me think a moment..... "

A few moments pass while pacing back in forth in the common room, an idea, NO, a BRILLIANT idea, occurs.

"Okay, ladies, here's the plan. Tomorrow, once the quidditch match gets underway, I will approach "Crispy" with a question about the condition I saw some of the worms living in with regards to prolonging their shelf life. I will draw his attention back to his classroom and hopefully he will follow me there. Once there, I will pull out of my knitting bag a book that currently most Professors of Potions has dismissed as too off-the-rocker controversial and will 'hopefully' either start a dialog in why or defend his position on his choice. Thereby buying you some more time. But remember, DO NOT GET CAUGHT. If I am questioned, I will plead ignorance. I will deny knowing you. *said with a HUGE smile* For I know nothing. Absolutely nothing." 

"Oh- O- you are absolutely brilliant."

"Great plan. We can be ready at his door under the cloak waiting and watching when you knock on his door. We will follow you down already under. Does that sound good?"

Everyone nods their head in agreement.

(The next day- ....) 

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