Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Randomness of Kindness

The wonderful prefects of Slytherin, that is you Ms. Moody Prefect, I mean, Ms. Prefect Moody and Ms. Head-Girl Puddlemere. They put together some terrific things this past semester. A really small version of our sock swap. Or maybe it was patterned off the muggle community named Ravelry that has a group called the Reducio Sock Swap? Anyway, we did a mini sock and sent it to another within our house. 

Another fun activity was the RAOK. What is that you ask? It stands for Random Act of Kindness. It totally doesn't have to be knitting related. Just whatever. I had not been RAOKed. Not sure why, but never the less, wasn't too worried about it as I am still feeling a bit overwhelmed. (I'm sure getting this new job and signing back up for classes to start this fall really didn't add the work load. NOT!) 

Today, as I went about the normal routine of stopping in to pick up the junk mail from the owlry office box, there awaited me a lovingly wrapped box. I wondered at who would be sending me an owl as I had already received my swap package, my mini swap package, my Reducio package, and the last installment of Eleanor's Sock club yarn. Who or better yet what could this be? 

I gently undid the packaging to reveal a beautiful purple oriental box. 

Opening the lid I see this:

I am a bit more giddy to see my familiar "O", (only used by those who love me). The quiet scribble I find inside tells me it is from none other than the incredibly talented and observant Esmeralda Beanswallow, otherwise known to her friends as "Esme". She had sent me after hearing one day in the common room, my long but soppy story of my torrid love affair that occured while I ran away went on holiday to Australia. I was reminiscing about how I haven't had a decent cup of tea since. ::insert big sigh here::

Anywhoo, back to the surprise, I find in the box not one, but TWO, bags of loose leaf tea. One is the very one my heart had been aching for the infamous, but incredible, Darjeeling. The other is a beautiful Cherry Moon Green Tea.  She even included one cup liners so I don't have to share oh wait, I really mean I don't have to make a whole pot can extend the enjoyment of this wonderful experience.

Oh, my soul cries out to just sit and drink. Sit and drink. Sit and drink. And then sit and drink some more, with knitting done in between. 
Thank you, Esme. Thank you from the bottom of my heart that you were able to bring back a bit of peace and happiness that can only be recaptured when the senses are fully aware of what it has been missing. I don't know if this was a Random Act of Kindness from the Swap or just from the Kindness of your Act. Either way, be assured that it will get forwarded. Thank you. 


Arabella Moody said...

Oh, O!
That is the sweetest thing ever! I arrived home after a horrible weekend to find a wonderful package from esme too, and I have to say, she is the biggest hearted swapper we have. It is so good to see you cheered up! :) Enjoy your teas deary.

Queen Frysia said...

O, that was so nice! Way to go Esme--you're just a marshmallow, aren't you?

Cassandra Puddlemere said...


What a great RAOK! Tea and goodies and all from Esme! ISnt she a cream puff!