Friday, March 20, 2009


This week has been rather hectic. But today it was totally made up for. I received a RAOK from the wonderful Suzie Weasley. This is the puff girl that I am to be spoiling, who, by the way, has a birthday coming up. (My owl, Eion,  left with a package for just the very occasion today. Hopefully, he will make it back in time to take her kit to her as I am winging my way to the muggle Camp Knitty Ha ha.) 

I would love to post a picture, but as the camera has officially died and no amount of Repairo has worked, I do believe it is time to just bury it. I just might let our neighbors have a go at it. They seem to be quite infatuated with all things muggle. 

I received a package of Twizzlers. Luckily, I opened the package after the little ones were in bed so I managed to quickly hide them. I am in need of more knitting snacks so into the knit bag they went. I also received a set of wonderful Slytherinish stitch markers with a Slytherinish ring to hold them. They too quickly went into the knit bag for use on the next project. I am hoping to start a knitted dress for the youngest one soon. And last, but not least, is the most beautiful skein of red yarn. It is from Pagewood Yarns. It is called Hand Dyed Sock Yarn for Main Street Yarn in a delicious 'Really Red' colorway. I cannot wait to start working with it. I think for now it will remain in a skein so I can ponder what pattern to utilize. I kinda hear it whispering to be a cable pattern. We shall see. 

I am off to wander in the library. I hear a new Sock book has finally arrived and I would like to have first dibs on it. 

Happy Knitting and THANK YOU, SUZIE WEASLEY!! 

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Siân said...

Be careful what you buy during HSKS!