Monday, June 16, 2008

Next time, I'll send the Howler FIRST!!

Thanks for the suggestion of the Howler. It seems that the Ministry only responds to those. It is with MUCH joy and elation that I am happy to announce, WE ARE FINALLY CONNECTED TO THE FLOO NETWORK!! 

It appears to be just in time or I might have had to forfeit my opportunity to duel. Now if I can only find my time turner to get everything else done in time to be there.....

More later. 

P.S. I need to send my DEEPEST apologies to my fellow housemates. I failed to post this past week due to the failure of the Ministry to get the floo network operable. I'm sorry ladies to have cost us points. Please forgive me. 

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Catriona Lestrange said...

Yay!! So glad that you are connected to the network. I know what it can be like to not be able to connect whenever you want to. Sending you hugs!! Missed you gals this week - it was so busy at home. Hopefully I'll have more of a chance to chat next week.